Stanley Proto's ratchets combine a quick-release button with ergonomically designed features in a compact design

Stanley Proto has added four Quick Release Ratchets to its lineup. The ratchets come in 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch drive sizes and include a low-profile, quick-release button on the top of the ratchet head. They are designed to securely hold sockets while in use, making it possible for users to change sockets with one hand.

Each ratchet has a pear-shaped head that is small enough to slip into tight spots, as well as a 45-tooth internal gear design that provides an 8° ratcheting arc. Each ratchet also has a low-profile reversing lever that allows for quick, one-handed direction changes.

To help increase tool life and reduce downtime, the ratchets have a sealed head design that stops dust and other fine debris from infiltrating the ratchet mechanism, while preventing lubricants from leaking out.

The ratchets have also been engineered for comfort and safety: their contoured, ergonomically designed handles have knurled bands that increase slip resistance and allow for a strong grip. The handles are made from polished double nickel, chrome-plated steel, which meets aerospace requirements for corrosion protection and is also easy to keep clean.

Quick Release Ratchets are manufactured to ASME B107.10 specifications. They are field repairable. Users can access the internal components by removing the snap ring located on the bottom of the ratchet.

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