Brady's IDExpert portable label printer features a labeler option for printing on continuous label tape only

Brady Worldwide Inc. has released the latest version of its IDExpert portable label printer, complete with enhanced features and a new labeler option for printing on continuous label tape only.

The latest version of the IDExpert portable label printer features a number of quality improvements over the previous model. The cartridges, for example, have been completely redesigned to include smart cell technology, quality engineering and advanced recognition capabilities. To boost the labeler’s efficiency, the internal processes of the printer were rebuilt in order to create labels quicker and quieter. The mechanics for loading and unloading cartridges have also been improved, simplifying the user process and making the device more cost-effective for the companies that use it.

With 300 dpi thermal transfer printing technology, the IDExpert printer creates clear and durable labels that can withstand tough industrial environments without smearing. A variety of text and formatting options are available for customizing the size and legibility of the labels, including 21 text sizes from .04 inch to 1.25 inches high, 82 symbols plus bar codes and label sizes up to 1.5 inches high.

The IDExpert printer is a versatile tool for creating die-cut labels, self-laminating labels, sleeves, slide-in punch block strips and continuous tape labels. 

Because some customers in the datacomm and electrical market do not always utilize the die-cut functions of a printer, Brady has developed the IDExpert Continuous Only portable label printer  — an economical version of the IDExpert labeler that prints on continuous labeling tape only. The IDExpert Continuous Only printer gives customers the option to pay only for the labeling applications they actually use. Brady has also designed a continuous, self-laminating cartridge for the IDExpert Continuous Only printer.

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