NLB's ATL-5000 fully-automated water jet system cleans tube bundles

The ATL-5000, a fully-automated water jet system from NLB Corp., cleans tube bundles three times faster than manual methods. An adjustable lance stroke allows the system to be configured for bundles of various lengths up to 30 feet (98.4 meters).

The system has five rigid lances, each with a specially-designed nozzle to deliver high-pressure water (up to 20,000 psi or 1,400 bar) to clear the tubes of hardened debris. A hydraulic drive inserts the five lances at a rate of 39 inches (1 meter) per second, then withdraws them so they can be positioned to clean the next five tubes. All movements (in/out, up/down and left/right) are controlled by the operator from a convenient, overhead station, which provides visibility at a safe distance from the action. The operator can even rotate the bundles with the optional bundle roller control package.

The diesel-powered ATL-5000 is completely self-contained. It requires no external power or air supply, and can be taken by trailer to jobsites. Features include a lockout to prevent accidental actuation and an optional HVAC package to keep the operator station cool and comfortable.

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