Rittal's TS8 Disconnect Module turns an industrial enclosure into a flange-mount disconnect enclosure

The Rittal Corporation has released its TS8 Disconnect Module, which turns any single-door TS8 modular freestanding industrial enclosure into a flange-mount disconnect enclosure. The TS8 Disconnect Module installs in place of a standard TS8 sidewall and interlocks with the enclosure door to function just as well, and as safely, as any conventional disconnect door. The module is available in four different sizes with a consistent four-inch width, heights of 71 inches or 79 inches and depths of 16 inches, 20 inches or 24 inches to accommodate TS8 enclosure specifications.

Rittal’s TS8 disconnect module features a reversible configuration that allows it to be used on either the right or left side of the enclosure (whichever side the enclosure door latches on).

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