Industrial Scientific's iNet Control hosted software application provides data for a safer gas detection program

Industrial Scientific has introduced iNet Control, a hosted software application for managing gas detector fleets. This service is included with every iNet subscription, providing visibility into alarms, maintenance and usage.

When alarm events happen, iNet Control shows which gas detectors had an alarm, when the alarms happened, and where they happened. It also tells what the gas hazards were and how much gas was present. This data can show users if employees are at risk from exposure to harmful gases. Equally important, it helps in identifying and monitoring high-risk areas.

Providing visibility into gas detector maintenance can help keep a program in top working order. iNet uses Industrial Scientific DS2 Docking Stations to automatically perform gas detector testing, calibration and bump testing. iNet Control provides assurance that these functions are performed as scheduled. Users also know when gas detectors were last calibrated; if a sensor is about to fail or expire; and when calibration gas is low, empty or expired.

Visibility into equipment usage helps eliminate operator mistakes that may compromise safety. iNet Control shows team leaders if any gas detectors were used without a bump test or calibration. It shows if any team member turned off their gas detector in alarm conditions. It also shows if any alarm settings or datalog intervals are not set correctly.

Users may view trend graphs for a quick overview of the health of their program or sensor-level detail for each gas detector. iNet Control also allows users to compare their program to industry averages. Users can also customize their data to measure performance to internal standards.

Because iNet Control is hosted over the Web, it does not require organizations to install any hardware or software. All ongoing upgrades are included; when a new feature is added, iNet subscribers will have instant access to it the next time they log in.

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