Miller Electric's Filtair 130 fume extractor captures particles down to .1 micron

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces the latest in its line of welding fume extraction devices, the Filtair 130. The Filtair 130 captures particles down to .1 micron compared to competitive units that only capture particles .4 microns and larger.

For reduced operator downtime and maintenance costs, the Filtair130 features a manually cleanable filter using compressed air for extended filter life.

The Filtair 130 is carried or rolled wherever welding is required. The unit’s variable speed, 1hp motor filters up to 132 CFM at 68.5 decibels.

The Filtair 130 comes with a standard eight-foot collection hose, but optional 17- and 34-foot hoses are also available. The hose connect to funnel or slotted nozzles, or a fume extraction welding gun.

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