Sullair's redesigned TS Series two-stage tandem rotary screw compressors offer full load efficiency

Sullair Corporation has redesigned its 100 to 600 HP two-stage tandem rotary screw compressors. The TS Series tandem compressors offer full load efficiency; often providing a two-year payback in energy savings when compared to single-stage compressors. With the tandem’s variable capacity control, featuring spiral valve technology, further operating efficiencies can be achieved during part load operation. Redesigned to provide increased levels of energy efficiency and operating performance, these compressors offer a choice of either constant speed drive models, TS-20, TS-32 and TS-32S, with capacities of 500 to 3000 acfm, or variable speed drive (VSD) models, V-200TS and V-320TS, which have a capacity range of 495 to 2310 acfm. Pressures for all Sullair two-stage tandem models range from 100 to 175 psig.

Variable capacity control, achieved with Sullair’s spiral valve technology, allows the compressor to match pressure and capacity with system demand. At full load, the tandem compressor and spiral valve have proven to be 13% more energy efficient. At 60% load, the Sullair two-stage tandem compressors provide up to 30% savings over single-stage compressors. Further part load and full load energy savings are achieved with an optional variable speed drive (VSD).

The Sullair tandem compressor with an optional heat recovery enclosure saves more energy by recovering expended heat, which can be used as supplemental comfort heating or make-up air for process heating.

All models feature Sullair's Multi-Stage Air Fluid Separation with a dual nested Optimizer separator element to minimize fluid carryover. The Optimalair heavy-duty air intake filter provides inlet filtration while reducing pressure drop for additional energy savings throughout its operating life. The Sullair two-stage compressors also feature an upgrade of Sullair's Supervisor Controller, a computer-compatible microprocessor control unit that provides critical operating information using graphics of monitored functions and easy-to-use stop/start, sequencing and activation controls.

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