Azima DLI's Watchman Reliability Portal 2.0 provides plants with deployment flexibility and improved machine data analysis

Azima DLI has launched the next generation of its Watchman Reliability Portal, which provides plants with greater deployment flexibility and remote access to improved machine data analysis capabilities. The Watchman Reliability Portal 2.0 features several enhancements, including availability for the first time as a hosted software solution to support the needs of in-house machine condition monitoring programs.

The Watchman Reliability Portal was developed to increase the value of condition monitoring programs and improve plant visibility. It is available in two subscription models: Portal Web Subscription and Portal Analysis Subscription.

Portal Web Subscription: For outsourced condition monitoring programs, the Watchman Reliability Portal 2.0 is a dynamic condition monitoring database-driven Web site. It provides an in-depth, real-time view of a plant’s machine condition analysis program database, and is accessible through any modern Web browser and from any location. In this model, machine data is uploaded to the portal, analyzed off-site by Azima DLI and reported back to the customer through the Portal.

Benefits to the customer include the ability to easily and intuitively monitor program and data acquisition performance; track machine health and fault progression over time; print condition monitoring reports; and easily access linked infrared thermography, motor, battery and reciprocating engine/compressor analysis reports.

Portal Analysis Subscription: For in-house condition monitoring programs, plants are able to utilize the Watchman Reliability Portal coupled with access to Azima DLI’s ExpertALERT Enterprise condition monitoring software in a hosted model. In this scenario, internal analysts are able to take advantage of Azima DLI’s analytic software and share their reports with key internal stakeholders through the Watchman Reliability Portal.

Compared to on-premise software, plants selecting the Watchman Portal Analysis option benefit from a smaller start up cost; no special IT support required to set up and maintain; and unlimited support without annual support fees. The Watchman Portal runs on Azima DLI’s IT assets, which are fully supported with data that is backed up nightly. 

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