OCM's Turbo-Seal P Waterproofing System bonds to any surface to create an impervious waterproofing membrane

Featuring watertight integrity, flexibility, adhesiveness and self-healing characteristics, OCM Inc.’s Turbo-Seal P Waterproofing System is well suited for permanent waterproofing in new construction and repair applications.

Turbo-Seal is a flexible gel that bonds to any surface to create an impervious waterproofing membrane. Consisting of a highly elastomeric polymer rubber (comprised of over 25% post-consumer recycled content) infused with special adhesives, Turbo-Seal absorbs movement, minimizes damage and separation, and is resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Turbo-Seal P requires no mixing of chemicals and is cold-applied by an OCM-authorized installer using a rotor/stator pump and trowel, or by injecting directly to the positive side of a substrate. No primer is necessary.

Turbo-Seal P can be used in both above-grade and below-grade applications for horizontal or vertical positive side wrap and finish waterproofing. It adheres to wet substrate, as well as heterogeneous surfaces, and can be applied to green concrete, saving time on the construction schedule.

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