NewAge Industries' Superthane Pneumatic tubing withstands moisture, humidity, fungi and cold temperatures

Polyurethane tubing designed for pneumatic applications is manufactured and stocked by NewAge Industries. Called Superthane Pneumatic, the tubing is made from hydrolysis-resistant polyurethane. The flexible tubing allows for tight bending in and around equipment, making it a good choice for pneumatic control, robotics, automated machinery, fluid circuitry, lubrication lines and instrumentation applications.

Produced from an ether-based polyurethane compound, Superthane Pneumatic does not contain any plasticizers (ingredients used to enhance flexibility) that may leach out and result in flow contamination. The tubing offers cold temperature flexibility to as low as -90°F (-67°C) and virtually unlimited flexural life.

Superthane Pneumatic is manufactured to resist more pressure and vacuum than corresponding sizes of PVC or rubber. In addition to resisting moisture, it also withstands radiation exposure, kinking, tearing, abrasion and impact.

Available in eight colors — red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, white and gray — plus clear, Superthane Pneumatic tubing makes line identification easy. Large quantities are stocked in 1/16- and 1/8-inch I.D. sizes. Custom colors, sizes, cut pieces, overbraiding, heat-formed shapes and thermally-bonded tubing ribbons are available.

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