Emerson's Smart Wireless Thum Adapter upgrades existing HART instruments to access diagnostics and process variables

Emerson Process Management extends the predictive intelligence capabilities of PlantWeb digital architecture with the release of its Smart Wireless Thum Adapter. The Thum Adapter is installed on existing HART field instruments to free up diagnostics and process information that had previously been inaccessible in wired legacy system installations.

The Thum Adapter is a WirelessHART device that can retrofit on almost any two- or four-wire HART device without special power requirements to enable wireless transmission of measurement and diagnostic information. Devices with the Thum Adapter operate as components of Emerson’s Smart Wireless self-organizing field networks, delivering field intelligence to enable improvements in quality, safety, availability, operations and maintenance costs.

The Smart Wireless Thum Adapter extends predictive intelligence into new areas throughout the plant, opening the door for a vast range of process improvements in these key areas:

  • Gaining access to advanced diagnostics: Thum Adapter allows access to advanced diagnostics through AMS Suite to tap into the power of in-situ meter verification for magnetic flowmeters and Coriolis meters, enabling significant operational improvements.
  • Enabling enhanced valve capabilities: Industry experts estimate that 75% of control valves are unnecessarily removed from service for maintenance. The Smart Wireless Thum Adapter with AMS ValveLink software can easily enable Fisher Fieldvue digital valve controllers with added capabilities including in-service valve testing, alert monitoring, and valve position trending.
  • Remotely managing devices and monitoring health: The Thum Adapter with AMS Suite allows customers to troubleshoot HART devices from their desk so they can optimize maintenance schedules, minimize downtime and reduce the time spent in hazardous areas. Online access to device diagnostics allows users to continually monitor devices and to know immediately if there is a problem before it causes a major upset.
  • Making any HART device wireless:  The high cost of loop wiring due to remote locations or physical obstructions often prohibits the feasibility of installing devices for new measurement points. With the Thum Adapter, users can easily and cost-effectively transform any HART instrument into a wireless device to enable expanded visibility in applications such as tank gauging, radar level, ultrasonic level, flow, valves, liquid and gas analytical, pressure and temperature.
  • Efficiently gathering data from multivariable devices:  Multivariable devices contain a wealth of information, but accessing all that information with legacy host systems can be difficult. The Thum Adapter wirelessly transmits all device variables through any host system with a Smart Wireless Gateway, providing users with valuable information about their assets.
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