Master Bond's EP46HT-1 epoxy is designed for high-temperature service up to 600°F

Master Bond EP46HT-1 extends the limits of epoxy adhesive/sealant formulations. It has a continuous service operating temperature range of -100°F to +550°F and can withstand intermittent exposures up to 600°F. EP46HT-1 has a glass transition temperature of over 235°C. In addition to high temperatures, it is also designed to withstand severe and repeated thermal cycling. Master Bond EP46HT-1 is easy to apply and cures rapidly at elevated temperatures. It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. It offers physical strength, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. EP46HT-1 adheres to metals, glass, vulcanized rubbers and most plastics. The hardened system is an electrical insulator.

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