Emerson enhances the predictive diagnostics of Daniel ultrasonic meters to increase uptime

Emerson Process Management has introduced an updated version of its Daniel ultrasonic meter diagnostic firmware and software with advanced real-time monitoring and alarming capabilities that reduce measurement uncertainty and improve uptime. The software detects oil and gas flow disturbances that may affect measurement, delivers maintenance alarms prompting action to avoid failure and provides an intuitive view of the meter health

The firmware provides continuous flow analysis and generates actionable alerts to identify not only abnormal flow profiles, but also upstream blockage, deposit build-up within the meter, and the existence of liquid hydrocarbon in gas. The firmware also provides real-time AGA 10 Speed of Sound (SOS) calculations. These calculations reduce measurement uncertainty by comparing AGA 10 SOS calculations with the meter-calculated SOS. Significant differences in SOS can indicate possible upstream process upsets and can validate the integrity of the ultrasonic flow meter, gas analysis and analog measurements.

The ultrasonic predictive alerts are generated by deviations from the initial baseline value of the meter. Baselines can be established at the calibration lab or upon initial start-up, triggering alarms to identify installation problems that can add to the uncertainty of measurement, and enable operators to avoid unscheduled downtime or process upsets.

All diagnostic information delivered from the meter can be viewed with Daniel’s Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI 5). This Windows-based software application allows users to configure the meter, view flow profiles and actionable alerts, record log files, trend data and troubleshoot installation problems. The meter’s Ethernet compatibility enables multiple users to remotely monitor the meter and access real-time data. Users can also download archive logs to verify the measurement integrity of the meter.

The advanced diagnostics of Daniel ultrasonic meters can also be accessed via Emerson’s AMS Suite predictive maintenance software, which uses enhanced EDDL functionality to give a consistent, graphical presentation of information across Emerson’s intelligent field devices. Plant personnel can quickly detect and respond to abnormal situations with a holistic view of the process. Users can configure the ultrasonic meter online using AMS Device Manager or in the field using a 375 Field Communicator.

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