Donaldson's Torit PowerCore CPV-1 bin vent collector is 20-70% smaller with robust dust collection capabilities

Donaldson Company introduces the latest dust bin vent collector in the CPV family of dust collectors, the Torit PowerCore CPV-1. The compact and robust CPV-1 dust collector is 20-70% smaller than other bin vent collectors on the market. It offers swift installation into small, hard-to-reach spaces, easier maintenance and greater design flexibility.

Torit PowerCore CP filter packs are seven inches tall compared to traditional 8- to 12-foot-long filter bags. Each CP Filter Pack handles more air volume than six traditional bag filters, reducing the height of the collector 30-50% while maintaining long filter life. In addition, the CPV-1 bin vent collector features single-side access for all aspects of maintenance.

Like other Donaldson Torit CPV dust collectors, the low-profile CPV-1 can be positioned closer to the point of the dust generation and in tight spaces where a baghouse would not fit. The CPV-1 is designed with an integral blower that can be mounted top, back, left or right. A vertical mounting option is also available for hard-to-fit applications.

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