Mtelligence Condition Based Monitoring 2.0 helps bridge the information gap between operations and maintenance

The Operations Management Division of Invensys has released the latest version of the Mtelligence Condition Based Monitoring Solution. This asset effectiveness software solution leverages ArchestrA technology inside of the Wonderware System Platform to simplify and accelerate system configuration. An enhanced "Operator Work Advisory" graphic template can be customized to provide operator-requested information on work order status and detailed work order information. This template-based framework enables manufacturers to rapidly deploy integrated asset effectiveness solutions with less engineering and more consistency.

The Mtelligence Condition Based Monitoring Solution supports mobile field workers through integration with Wonderware Mobile Solutions. Operators can now collect process data from non-instrumented plant equipment and upload this valuable data to the plant historian for reporting on plant operational efficiency.

The solution also is capable of sending process data to the plant's work management systems and has the ability to provide views of existing work orders and create new work orders while mobile operators are walking the plant. This capability helps increase operator productivity and the early detection of equipment health problems.

Condition Based Monitoring 2.0 uses the open-data connectivity MIMOSA standard (Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance) to lower the risk and cost of integrating operator information displays, such as plant HMI systems or mobile solutions, with EAM and CMMS systems including IBM Maximo, SAP Plant Maintenance, Ventyx Indus and Invensys Avantis.

This software solution also provides tools, including a Asset Health Analysis tool and an advanced rule engine for detecting and analyzing equipment health issues. Using information from the Condition Based Monitoring Solution, a plant or manufacturing facility can move confidently from a reactive or time-based maintenance program to a more efficient predictive or condition-based maintenance approach, thereby helping reduce maintenance costs and effort.

As plants age, their mix of assets change. The Condition Based Monitoring Solution 2.0 provides asset life-cycle management capabilities, so as assets are upgraded or even replaced, the software can accommodate these changes and maintain the value of the solution.

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