NKK Switches' S Series IP67-rated watertight toggle switches are available with or without locking levers

NKK Switches has announced the availability of the S Series family of IP67-rated watertight toggle switches. The S Series 15A-20A medium capacity toggle switches are designed to meet requirements of industrial and outdoor environments.

Available with or without locking levers, the S Series 17.5-millimeter toggle switches feature many circuit configurations, including SPST, SPDT, DPST and DPDT, with a choice of momentary or maintained circuits. Locking levers can be specified for maintained circuits.

Rated at IP67 of IEC60529 Standards, NKK’s Series S1 through S29 give design engineers the ability to incorporate a reliable toggle switch into designs that will be used in a variety of environments where there is likely to be exposure to water and dirt. The standard bat-style actuator models also feature an optional splash-proof boot to cover the base of the actuator for additional sealing ability to guard against dangerous contamination.

All S Series switches feature solder lug terminals and all are panel mount with 12-millimeter threaded bushings, which are brass with chrome plating. The series’ mounting design conforms to standard panel cutouts, easing the task of installation.

Electrical capacities range from 15A to 20A at 125 VAC, 6A to 10A at 250 VAC and 15A to 20A at 30 VDC. Both inductive and resistive ratings are included in the datasheet specifications. Mechanical life is rated for 30,000 to 50,000 operations minimum, depending on model, and electrical life is rated at 25,000 operations minimum.

Standard hardware includes a hex nut, a lock washer and an O-ring for panel sealing. In addition, engineers have the option of specifying .250-inch quick connect terminals and ON/OFF inscribed plates.

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