Phoenix Contact's PSI-MOS 1300 series fiber-optic modules are designed for serial communication interfaces and bus systems

With the introduction of the PSI-MOS 1300 series of fiber-optic modules, Phoenix Contact now offers fiber-optic media converters for nearly all serial communication interfaces and bus systems.

The single-mode fiber-optic modules for the 1,300 nm wavelength complement the existing modules for the 660 nm and 850 nm wavelengths. Using these common wavelengths also allows for the use of polymer or plastic, hardened clad silica (HCS), multimode glass and single-mode glass fiber cable.

The media converters have local LED diagnostics for fiber-optic cable connection and proactive alarming enhance reliability. Single fiber-optic modules with dual fiber cable connections provide redundant point-to-point, star, tree and ring topologies, depending on the communication system.

The module's T-bus connection system allows for the sharing of data and supply voltage. Fiber-optic cable distances can range from a few feet to more than 20 miles in length.

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