Tennant's 7100 industrial scrubber features ec-H2O chemical-free cleaning technology

Tennant Company's ec-H2O technology is now available on the battery-powered Tennant 7100 Micro-Rider Scrubber. ec-H2O technology converts plain tap water into a cleaning agent without any added chemicals.

The ec-H2O technology, developed by Tennant researchers and engineers, helps to meet the ever-growing need for sustainable cleaning. ec-H2O technology delivers proven cleaning results without the negative environmental and health concerns associated with producing, packaging, transporting, using and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals. The technology begins as water and ends as water, so it can be handled and disposed of easily and safely. It uses 70% less water than traditional cleaning methods, which increases scrub time up to three times per tank; it leaves behind no slippery detergent residue on the floor; and it releases no used detergent discharge into water systems. Eliminating the need for chemical additives enhances worker safety and reduces costs for purchasing and disposing of chemicals.

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