Grace Engineered Products' Active GracePort Ethernet switch was designed with electrical safety in mind

Electrical safety impacts the design of the Active GracePort Ethernet switch from Grace Engineered Products. The current NFPA 70e electrical safety mandate severely regulates voltage exposure to workers, thereby making simple tasks like opening an electrical enclosure door for diagnostics very time consuming.

Designed to mount on the outside of a control panel, the GracePort industrial Unmanaged 4:1 Ethernet Switch can be ordered with unlimited combinations of outlets, data interfaces, and customer logos and text to meet customer requirements. It is also available in UL Type 12, 4 and 4X. 

The 'Inside-Out' design locates four 10/100 Base-T(X) ports inside the panel and one port outside the panel. The inside ports provide communication between devices within the panel, while the outside port provides communication into the panel for programming and diagnostics. The reset button and the status LED's for all ports are functional from the outside of the panel to keep personnel safe from voltage.

The industrial-rated Ethernet switch has UL approval, 9-24VDC input power and a 0° to 60°C temperature rating.

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