Turck's BIM-UNT cylinder position sensors replace electromagnetic switches with a wear-free, space-saving design

Turck has expanded its line of BIM-UNT cylinder position sensors with a two-wire DC version, along with a Namur option for intrinsically safe applications. The cylinder position sensor features a wear-free design and short circuit protection, making it a suitable alternative to electromagnetic switches. To further the sensor’s applicability, Turck has integrated a weld-resistant TPU cable.

Measuring 28 millimeters in length, the BIM-UNT is one of the most compact cylinder position sensors on the market. The active sensing faces are located directly at the end of the sensor, allowing it to safely detect the piston rod’s end position on compact, short-stroke cylinders.

BIM-UNT uses magneto-resistive, board-level technology that improves sensor performance and enhances housing options. It comes with a quick-mount tab that helps seat the sensor in the cylinder’s groove — even before the screw is tightened — to facilitate single-handed mounting. The screw is positioned away from the cable end to provide cable strain relief and ensure that the sensor will remain in place if the cable is pulled. BIM-UNT sensors can be installed in all T-groove, dovetail, round and tie rod pneumatic cylinders.

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