Endevco's 12M1B piezoelectric accelerometer allows engineers to create a miniature shock/vibration measurement system

Endevco Corporation has announced the debut of model 12M1B, a high-performance, high impedance piezoelectric accelerometer that is packaged as a surface-mount chip component. The sensor is designed for seamless integration into standard hybrid or SMT electronics packages, along with custom-designed signal conditioning units, allowing the engineer to create miniaturized shock and vibration measurement systems in one completely integrated package.

Weighing 120 mg and reliably operating in temperatures up to +150°C, model 12M1B features Endevco’s Piezite-type P-8 bimorph sensing element operating in bender mode. This material offers low base strain sensitivity, low pyroelectric output and high charge output versus size. Contact with the P-8 sensing element is made via two thick film gold metallic mounting pads located on the bottom surface of the aluminum case. As model 12M1B is a high impedance piezoelectric device, extreme care must be exercised in shielding it from stray electromagnetic noise.

With its performance characteristics and compact envelope size, model 12M1B is designed for use in low-cost, high-volume and OEM applications, as well as the manufacturing and testing of electronic devices, security systems, medical devices, wireless “smart structures”, smart motor tools and accelerometer loggers.

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