Amtek's Jofra RTC-156 reference temperature calibrator offers improved accuracy, convenience and functionality

Amtek Calibration Instruments has introduced the Jofra RTC-156, a dry-block reference temperature calibrator. Among the features of RTC-156 is a Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC) system for temperature uniformity in the insert no matter the number or size of the sensors immersed. It also offers intelligent sensors for plug-and-play connectivity, an easy-to-read full-color VGA display and a USB connection for improved communications and software downloads.

The RTC-156 performs calibrations over a range of temperatures from -30°C up to 155°C (-22°F to 311°F). Heating and cooling speeds also have been increased 20% versus comparable calibrators.

Three models are available:  the RTC-A reference temperature calibrator; the RTC-B reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor, DLC sensor and sensors-under-test; and the RTC-C reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor and DLC sensor.

The RTC-156 features active dual-zone heating technology. Each of the calibrator’s two heating zones is independently controlled for precise temperature calibration. The homogeneity of the lower zone is close to that of a laboratory liquid bath. The upper zone compensates for heat loss from the sensor-under-test as well as from the open top. This eliminates the need for extra insulation of sensors-under-test and makes it possible to calibrate liquid-filled and other sensors.

The RTC-156 also features a DLC sensor, which measures the temperature in the calibrator’s insert and provides feedback to the active dual-zone system to compensate for the temperature differences resulting from testing various sensors. This allows the RTC-156 to perform accurate temperature calibrations without being affected by the size and number of sensors under test.

Along with the DLC sensor, the RTC-156 includes a newly designed STS-200 (Superior Temperature Standard) reference sensor. Both the STS-200 and DLC sensors have been angled 90° and customized so the top of the sensor is only slightly higher than the top of the calibrator. This design makes it possible for the RTC-156 to calibrate threaded sensors and sensors with connection heads.

The RTC-156 Series’ rugged, lightweight design features multi-hole insert kits that cover most sensor sizes and a carrying case for improved portability and convenience. The carrying case makes it possible to store and protect DLC and reference sensors, inserts, support rods, wires, manuals, plugs and insert tools.

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