Phoenix Contact's Clipline wire duct cabinet add-ons simplify control cabinet wiring

Phoenix Contact introduces a line of wire duct cabinet add-ons that simplify control cabinet wiring. With Clipline wire duct, wiring is neat and secure, making it easy to replace or add wiring later.

"Fingers" on the ducts have two score lines, allowing easy removal. The fingers are flexible and will not snap when the user runs wire through them. The wire duct features a notched score line that eliminates the need for notching pliers to break off the fingers. However, breaking the wall will require the use of a cutter.

The cover's contour allows it to snap on easily and fit securely. The duct and cover are available as a complete set, or the covers can be ordered individually. Ranging in size from 25 to 120 millimeters, the wire duct is suitable for a variety of applications. The wiring duct is available in two-meter lengths, matching Phoenix Contact's standard DIN rail.

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