Advantech's EKI-2725-BE and EKI-2728-BE unmanaged gigabit Ethernet switches feature an energy-efficient design

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces two energy-efficient unmanaged gigabit Ethernet switches, the EKI-2725-BE and the EKI-2728-BE. These models feature an energy-efficient design, resulting in 10% to 15% power savings as compared to previous models and similar models on the market.

These switches are designed with a variety of environmentally responsible features, including RoHS compliance, optimized DC/DC power supply and a power-saving Ethernet switch controller. During operation, power savings is realized on Ethernet ports with no traffic, and ports not in use are powered-down for maximum power savings.

In addition to gigabit (1000 Mbps) operation, both the five-port EKI-2725 and eight-port EKI-2728 support 9K Jumbo Frames. This allows larger blocks of data to be sent with each transmission for increased network throughput and reduced CPU utilization of connected devices, which is important for emerging multimedia and video applications.

For applications requiring mixed speed devices, all Ethernet ports support auto-negotiation for backwards compatibility with 10Mbps and 100Mbps devices and equipment. Also, with auto-MDI/MDI-X, there is no need for cross-over cables for inter-switch connections.

The EKI-2725 and EKI-2728 feature an IP30-protected metal chassis and an operating temperature of -10 to 60°C. They are equipped with redundant +12 to 48VDC power inputs, plus 3,000 VDC surge protection on the power line, and 4000V ESD on the Ethernet ports. Their compact size and flexible installation methods (including DIN-rail and panel-mount) allow installation in space-constrained areas.

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