Dynamic Systems' Checkmate Work Order Tracking Software improves productivity and reduces employee frustration

Dynamic Systems Inc. has announced the release of Checkmate Work Order Tracking Software, which helps small to mid-sized manufacturers know who is assigned to a job, where it is in the plant now and how long it's been in that location. The low-cost software is easy-to-use compared to the more complex, integrated work-in-process software sold with the typical manufacturing ERP system.

A barcode identification number is printed on the work order using a laser printer or a specialized barcode printer. The employee, department or task is issued a barcoded badge. Each work order is tracked by scanning the badge and the work order identifier each time it moves. The work order remains assigned to that badge until it is scanned to a new badge. Multiple jobs may be assigned to a badge (location), and timeframes may be set for each task and reported when overdue.

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