Rockwell Automation's PlantPAx Process Automation System features visualization servers and operator workstations

Rockwell Automation has introduced a series of servers and workstations to help engineers more efficiently build process automation systems. With pre-installed software and a pre-configured operating system, the visualization servers and operator workstations for the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Process Automation System help reduce the time and costs associated with specifying, procuring and installing system hardware and software.

Comprehensive documentation is provided to walk users through system startup, helping to minimize the time from initial hardware installation to a running solution. The workstation’s consolidated activation scheme simultaneously enables the necessary capabilities, providing additional time savings.

The workstations and servers are also pre-engineered and tested together as a system to help ensure that process performance requirements are met. This step helps reduce errors, such as installing or configuring software in the wrong order, or using inappropriately sized hardware. The new offerings are industrially hardened, reducing concerns over using off-the-shelf computers in harsh process environments where shock, vibration and humidity are common.

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