Online Development's eATM tManager EI module enables messaging services to connect enterprise and plant-wide systems

The eATM tManager EI module enables the connection of plant floor data with enterprise and plant-wide systems via Java Messaging Services (JMS) connection technologies. It installs in a ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) from Rockwell Automation or in a panel to accomplish data exchanges. As an information appliance, the eATM tManager EI module simplifies configuration of data exchanges and involves no programming.

The module is a self-contained hardware and software system that is available with various adapters to facilitate bidirectional data exchange. These include:

  • Messaging Adapters for: IBM WAS JMS, Red Hat JBoss JMS, JBoss Community JMS and IBM WMQ
  • Communications Adapters for: TCP/IP Sockets, UDP Sockets, FTP and email (SMTP and POP3)
  • Message Formats: XML and ASCII, Fixed-Length and Comma Delimited
  • Automation Adapters for: Rockwell Automation CIP via ControlLogix backplane, Rockwell Automation CIP via EtherNet/IP, Siemens Industrial Ethernet and Modbus TCP

Software is included to configure data transfer and security parameters. For data transfer, the utility uses intuitive screens and drop-down menus to select data and establish conditions for triggers such as specific values, time and other characteristics. It also configures the module’s store and forward feature. If data is interrupted between the controller and the computer system, it is stored in the module and then forwarded when the connection is resumed. The setup utility also can configure a failover feature that transmits any data lost due to interrupted communications to a defined failover destination.

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