Metal Mates' steel lubricants are engineered for use on advanced high strength steels

Metal Mates' line of high-strength steel lubricants are specifically engineered for use on advanced high strength steels (AHSS) and difficult drawing, stamping, piercing and flanging applications.

Metal Mates VS-HSS and HDP-HSS combine anti-wear, extreme pressure and corrosion protection for the complete range of high strength steels, including Dual Phase (DP), Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP), Complex Phase (CP) and Martensitic (MART).

Metal Mates GN-64 is an environmentally-conscious synthetic formulation that can be diluted with water to perform in a range of stamping and forming applications. Technologically advanced extreme pressure and anti-wear additives increase die life and produce quality parts in light, medium and high strength steel applications. Metal Mates GN-64 provides improved corrosion protection over a range of dilutions and is easy to clean.

None of the Metal Mates HSS lubricants need to be cleaned before welding operations, and they all improve die life, part quality, reduce scrap, and save time and money.

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