PcVue's Smart Generator allows users to upgrade SCADA applications and safeguard existing configurations

PcVue, a subsidiary of ARC Informatique, introduces its SCADA application builder tool, the Smart Generator. To seamlessly upgrade HMI/SCADA applications and reuse already configured graphics, tag databases, object libraries, the Smart Generator manages the import of configuration data from several software packages in addition to FactoryLink, such as AutoCAD, LonDB, Siemens Simatic Step7 and Schneider Unity, saving time and reducing total cost of ownership.

PcVue’s Smart Generator provides flexibility, scalability and integration to a multitude of PLC brands, reducing the time and cost of upgrading while empowering organizations to benefit from newer technology and more functionality as quickly as possible.

With Smart Generator, FactoryLink customers can upgrade their existing system to PcVue and not only harness the power of an advanced HMI/SCADA, but also safeguard their existing SCADA investments by being able to simply convert existing configurations in a safe and easy way. Customers also benefit from avoiding repetitive work by importing PLC and CAD configurations and are not limited to homogeneous automation environments, as imports can be complemented in a fully documented XML format.
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