Kepware's KEPServerEX delivers OPC and native interoperability that anyone can use

Kepware Technologies announces the release of an interoperability solution tailored to the mass market of system integrators, OEMs and end users. KEPServerEX, a communication solution for automation, delivers a set of client interfaces ranging from the latest OPC standards to native interfaces. These client interfaces can now be leveraged by any developer.

Kepware has developed an interface to KEPServerEX called CID (Custom Interface Driver). CID quickly and easily adds interoperability to any custom integration project, from small applications with one deployment, to the delivery of professional solutions and products packaged. Typical applications include the development of custom drivers to interface with proprietary or legacy systems, and to interface with existing applications.

There are no developer kits or tools to purchase for the development of CID applications. Kepware is providing Sample Code, available in the form of C++ and C# Reference Implementations. The user’s CID application is responsible for creating a shared memory interface and an XML definition file, enabling KEPServerEX auto-configuration for the tags and operations desired for interoperability.

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