Turck's Q08 uprox+ factor 1 proximity sensors feature an extended sensing range for all metal types

Turck announces that the company’s rugged Q08 uprox+ factor 1 sensor — designed to detect steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum at the same rated sensing distance — offers an extended range of eight millimeters. With no reduction factor, uprox+ factor 1 sensors save time and labor costs over standard ferrite core proximity sensors, which must be adjusted and reinstalled to detect different metal types. The Q08 sensor features a compact rectangular housing that makes it well suited for applications where mounting space is limited.

The Q08 sensor family comes equipped with internal shielding that eliminates pre-damping, allowing users to employ the sensor’s full switching distance without hindrance — even when the device is mounted on metal surfaces. An IP 68 protection rating affords greater application flexibility, as the Q08 sensor can resist dust, debris and moisture ingress in challenging manufacturing environments. Two LEDs provide clear visual indication of the sensor’s switching status.

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