IDEC's Datasensor smart vision sensors combine advanced technology with a simple configuration

IDEC's Datasensor smart vision sensors combine advanced technology with a simple configuration. SVS vision sensors don’t require hours of training to use. Datasensor SVS sensors offer a frame rate of 60 fps (60 images per second), Ethernet communication, a teach button, 640 x 480 pixel resolution and nine inspection tools. Inspection tools include:

  • Pattern match
  • Contour match
  • Positioning verification
  • Width comparison
  • Edge count
  • Brightness check
  • Contrast comparison
  • Character verification (OCV)
  • 360° pattern match  
SVS smart vision sensors work for a variety of applications and are available in two product lines:
  • SVS1 models guarantee the quickest and easiest setup via hand-held configurator
  • SVS2 models can be connected to a PC and offer multiple controls
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