Thomas and Betts' Reznor Model CAUA vertical gas-fired air handler saves on energy usage and heating bills

The Reznor Model CAUA vertical gas-fired air handler is available with staged heating from 75 to 400 MBH to provide the right amount of heat at less-than-extreme design conditions. This saves on energy usage and heating bills during the fall and spring, but also during the middle of the day in winter when the temperature is a bit more moderate.

The CAUA will handle up to 100% outside air and has multiple options for air mixing boxes, filter boxes and discharge arrangements. The system is designed to be a simple solution for applications that previously required “twinning” two smaller units together. The Model CAUA is versatile enough to meet a variety of needs. Optional separated combustion and outside supply air capabilities make it well suited for buildings where controlling indoor air quality is required.

Model CAUA can be coupled with the Reznor M Series condensing unit to provide staged cooling as well. The system uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. To further enhance performance and corrosion resistance, the M series uses aluminum micro-channel heat transfer technology. The single-row condenser coil with 20 fins per inch provides a high heat transfer ratio that reduces energy consumption.

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