Innovative Pressure Technologies' high-pressure tubing is resistant to corrosion and offers improved weldability

Innovative Pressure Technologies (IPT) introduces high-pressure tubing. Made of 316L stainless steel, the tubing is available in a variety of sizes and grades to satisfy specific application needs, and is resistant to corrosion. The tubing provides resistance to organic acids at high concentrations and moderate temperatures, to inorganic acids (e.g. phosphoric and sulphuric) at moderate concentrations and temperatures, to salt solutions (e.g. sulphates, sulphides and sulphites), and in caustic environments. 316L tubing can be used in sulphuric acid concentrations above 90% at low temperatures.

IPT’s high-pressure tubing is rated for use in temperatures from -100° to 600°F (-73° to 315°C), with maximum working pressures of 20,000 PSI (1030 bar) or 60,000 PSI (4140 bar). Tubing is supplied in 18- to 22-foot lengths with custom lengths available upon request.

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