Hilti's TE DRS-B dust removal system reduces an operator's exposure to fine dust, increasing productivity

The Hilti TE DRS-B dust removal system lets contractors spend more time working and less time doing non-productive prep and cleanup duties. Clipping easily onto all recent Hilti demolition hammers and combihammers, the TE DRS-B reduces the operator’s exposure to fine dust while increasing productivity. Time previously spent setting up plastic walls or ventilation for dust containment can now be spent getting the job accomplished more quickly and cleanly.

The TE DRS-B assembles to the tool through a simple belt clip with no screwdriver needed. The TE DRS-B captures both heavy and fine dust and whisks it away to a Hilti vacuum for a cleaner working environment and increased productivity.

An inner ring prevents the intake of large pieces of concrete or other material that could block the system. A two-chamber air-flushing system not only collects dust from the working surface, but also removes dust from the end of the chuck, helping to keep the tool clean.

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