Pro Tech Technologies' NoiseBuster ANR safety earmuffs deliver 20dB of low-frequency noise attenuation

NoiseBuster active noise reduction (ANR) safety earmuffs protect against harmful noises encountered in the manufacturing industry. The NoiseBuster is designed to reduce the low-frequency noise generated by engines, generators, blowers, vacuums, fans, pumps, etc. — noise that conventional passive earmuffs can’t handle.

The NoiseBuster combines an ANSI-rated 26NRR passive earmuff with active noise reduction (ANR) electronics that deliver 20dB of low-frequency noise attenuation. The NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff features soft, pliable ear cushions and an adjustable comfort headband. The earmuff has an audio input jack and can be used with a portable audio player for listening at a safer, less-amplified level; an audio cable is also provided. Over-the-head, behind-the-head and hard hat cap-mounted configurations are available. 

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