Anver's VLS-8 vacuum leakage sensor compensates for altitude and atmospheric pressure

Anver Corp. has unveiled a vacuum leakage sensor that calibrates itself to maximum vacuum rather than a preset level and provides an audio-visual alarm if a loss of vacuum occurs. The Anver VLS-8 vacuum leakage sensor features a micro-controller chip that sets itself to a vacuum system’s peak vacuum level, displays it on an LCD and then activates if a loss or leakage of 10% occurs.  If a leak occurs, a loud horn will sound while a bright red LED warning light flashes.  

Compensating for altitude and atmospheric pressure, this solid-state vacuum leakage sensor is powered independent from the host vacuum system by a 9V lithium battery. If there is a vacuum loss, the Anver VLS-8 vacuum leakage sensor’s alarms will continue until sufficient increase in vacuum is achieved. Standard features include a low battery “chirp” indicator, 1/4-inch push-connect vacuum fittings and an open collector output which can be connected to an I/O device, such as an emergency stop function on a CNC control.

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