Stanley Proto's Proto Grip Pipe wrench features a self-adjusting, spring-loaded hook jaw

Stanley Proto has introduced a pair of self-adjusting ratcheting pipe wrenches. The wrenches expand the breadth of the Proto tool lineup and are designed to make workers more efficient while using less effort.

A traditional pipe wrench requires the user to tighten and loosen a knurled adjusting nut in order to fit the wrench to the work. The Proto Grip Pipe wrench has no nut. Instead, it has a spring-loaded hook jaw that automatically adjusts its opening to the work size and tightens as the user bears down on the handle. The jaw is made from forged steel for improved strength, and the tool's teeth are design to grip tightly.

The spring-loaded jaw will keep the wrench on the work even when the worker lets go of it, allowing the worker to leave the wrench in place when his hands are needed for something else. A thumb trigger is used for quick removal from the work.

The jaw includes a ratcheting action. This helps make workers more efficient by allowing rapid, one-handed operation — a useful feature when turning threaded pipe fittings. The ratcheting action also means that the user doesn't need to drag the teeth across the work, so the tool can be used safely on hex nuts without rounding the heads.

Proto Grip pipe wrenches come in 10- and 14-inch lengths with jaw capacities from ½ to two inches. The cast iron handles have a wide gripping surface for increased comfort. The wrenches include a hanging hole for storage. Replacement parts are available from Proto.

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