Cognex's VisionPro Solar Toolbox for solar cell manufacturing processes

Cognex Corporation has expanded its range of inspection solutions for solar cell manufacturing processes. The VisionPro Solar Toolbox includes pre-configured software tools for the most common vision alignment and inspection applications in photovoltaic (PV) solar production. With the addition of the Solar Toolbox, users have the option of working either with the basic VisionPro software library or using the pre-configured tool set as a starting point for setting up vision inspection and alignment applications. VisionPro software’s range of tools for location, identification and inspection can be leveraged throughout the value chain to help manufacturers achieve higher quality, faster throughput and better process control.

Cognex offers a range of vision products to help equipment makers, line builders and manufacturers take advantage of advanced vision technology at every step of the manufacturing process.

VisionPro Software — Designed for solar equipment suppliers and line builders, hardware-independent VisionPro software offers an affordable, flexible alternative to standalone inspection systems, and can be used with any camera, frame grabber or direct-connect digital standard.

In-Sight Vision Systems — Compact vision systems that can be retrofitted onto existing production lines to enhance processes from inspecting bare wafers to verifying assembly of the final solar panel.

DataMan Industrial ID Readers — Handheld and fixed-mount code readers enable high-speed wafer handling and full wafer-to-panel traceability.

Checker Vision Sensors — Low-cost, high-performance options for dedicated part detection or measurement applications.

SmartViewWeb and Surface Inspection — Solutions for detecting and classifying surface defects in solar glass and plastic substrates.  

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