igus' Rol-E-Chain cable carriers feature built-in wheels to reduce friction

igus’ Rol-E-Chain cable carriers feature built-in wheels to facilitate travel over long distances, such as on a crane. The wheels are integrated into the cable carrier’s side links to reduce friction, which makes longer travel, heavier load and faster speed applications possible.

The upper portion of a conventional cable carrier glides on the lower portion over longer distances. However, requirements for cable carriers in long travels have been increasing in recent years. Travels over thousands of feet present new challenges in crane construction, as do high travel speeds and cable loads up to 33.6 pounds per foot. As length of travel, load and speed increases, so does friction, which can lead to premature wear and load problems for a cable carrier.

With the Rol-E-Chain, friction is decreased, and travels over 2,600 feet are achieved at speeds up to 32.8 feet per second. Moreover, the drive power required to move the cable carrier is reduced by more than 25%. Rol-E-Chain is also resistant to applications involving harsh environmental conditions, such as thick dirt.

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