Hartzell Fan's Adjustable Pitch Aluminum Prop fan reduces sound generated in the lower octave bands

Hartzell Fan has unveiled the Adjustable Pitch Aluminum Prop (AL Prop) fan. The fan features a patented shape, arrangement and location of the ribs that run the length of the blades, reducing the sound generated in the lower octave bands. The AL Prop is constructed of cast aluminum material (blades and hub) and is used in roof ventilators, panel fans, duct axial fans and more. The AL adjustable prop is well suited for industrial air moving applications requiring high flow and low to medium pressure, and is available in multiple blade configurations to allow for precise selection of the blade angle. Some low-speed selections are available for installations where low sound levels must be maintained. Sound levels may be decreased by 5 to 10 dBA for lower-speed operations.
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