Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley FanMaster helps save energy without costly retrofits to your HVAC systems

The Allen-Bradley FanMaster energy saving package from Rockwell Automation allows users to convert a constant volume heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) air handler to variable air flow without changes to existing mechanical systems and controls.  

Many HVAC systems use constant volume air-handling units with simple on/off controls. Upgrading a user’s constant volume air handler to variable flow allows the user to save energy by being able to control the speed of the fan.

Converting a constant flow HVAC system to a variable air flow system used to be a complex and costly task. With the FanMaster energy saving package, that is no longer the case with its integrated control — designed to deliver more energy savings at a fraction of the cost when compared to a traditional hardware retrofit conversion.

With the FanMaster energy saving calculator, a user can see their potential savings before installing the equipment. The web-based calculator uses geographic-specific calculations, giving the user confidence that their specific weather patterns have been leveraged.

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