Rite-Hite's Rite-Flex sectional doors are custom designed to match users' operating environments

Rite-Hite Corporation introduces the Rite-Flex sectional door. Users can custom design the modular door to match their operating environments for improved productivity, safety, maintenance and energy savings.

Flexible and impactable panels serve as the core design element of every Rite-Flex door. Users can complement the flexible panels with specially engineered panels and/or slats in key areas of the door to allow daylight into the building and/or to facilitate ventilation.

With panels that flex up to 12 inches without damage, the Rite-Flex door withstands repeated accidental bumps by forklifts and their loads. The flexible panels minimize the need to replace damaged door panels or the entire door. The result is increased door uptime and dock productivity, in addition to decreased maintenance costs.

Configuring the Rite-Flex door with Day-Lite translucent slats allows natural light in during the day for a brighter interior loading dock, which leads to improved safety. The translucent panels also reduce dependency on artificial light for extra energy savings. The slats are six inches high and stretch the full width of the door to optimize available daylight.

A Rite-Flex door with ventilation screen panels is well suited for dock doors that must remain closed for a variety of reasons, including compliance with closed-door policies, or to ensure security and cleanliness. The panels facilitate airflow for improved employee comfort and air quality. At the same time, unauthorized personnel, bugs and debris are kept out. Two choices are available for the panel’s hinged screen cover: clear acrylic, which allows natural light into the area, or white thermoplastic. Ventilation panels are available in heights of 12, 18 or 30 inches with lengths of 52 or 80 inches.

The Rite-Flex door is available in two- or three-inch thicknesses, and overall sizes up to 12 feet wide and 14 feet high. The door incorporates a complete perimeter seal at the top, bottom and sides. It also includes seals between the interlocking panels for optimal energy efficiency. For ease of installation and lifetime maintenance, the Rite-Flex door incorporates standard, off-the-shelf mounting and attachment hardware.

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