Lista's Combination Cabinets store, secure and move items of varied size and shape

Lista International Corporation introduces its modular Combination Cabinets for storing, securing and moving items of varied size and shape. These cabinets feature full-width top drawers, which can store unusually long items safely and securely. The cabinets can be configured with a variety of drawer sizes, either full or shadow depth, and feature an optional shelf or roll-out tray for storage of bulky items.

The cabinets are available with a choice of bases including mobile, fork truck, pallet truck, frame and wet clean bases. Optional tops, including stainless steel, plastic laminate and butcher block, allow the housing top to serve as a functional worksurface.

For security, users can choose from removable core locks, keyed-alike master lock groupings, keyless keypad locks, hinged lock bars and more. A central locking system locks all drawers in the cabinet with one key. The PrevenTip locking system allows only one drawer to be opened at a time to prevent tipping. Mobile units feature individual drawer latches on all drawers and roll-out trays for safety when moving.

The cabinet drawers feature a 440-pound load capacity each and are available in six different full sidewall heights for maximum cubic storage capacity. And, by extending 100% from the housing, the drawers allow complete use of the furthest corner and easy access to all the contents.

Lista’s drawer dividers have angled tops that can accommodate labels and most bar codes for the accurate identification of compartment contents. Each drawer can be subdivided with a variety of drawer accessories to create organized, customized compartments. Drawers can also be inserted in any combination or sequence in the cabinet housing and are easily arranged at any time without special tools.

Additional ergonomic and safety features include Lista's drawer handles, which are positioned at the top of each drawer for easy use. They are also flush with the face of the housing, so there are no projecting parts to snag clothing.

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