Kärcher Cuda's parts washer detergents speed the cleaning process

Kärcher Cuda's family of detergents are formulated by detergent chemists, blended specifically for Kärcher Cuda parts washers and manufactured in the company's detergent manufacturing facility. Kärcher Cuda detergents are engineered to speed the cleaning process. Kärcher Cuda formulas include a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor package for rust protection of all wetted surfaces.

Detergent varieties include:

  • Rust Inhibitor — resists corrosion of wetted surfaces and metal surfaces exposed to steam
  • Alumakleen — designed for cleaning aluminum
  • Paint and Powder Coat Remover — dissolves stubborn paint and powder coats; designed for iron and steel (not intended for aluminum, magnesium or galvanized metals)
  • All Purpose — effective for cleaning a range of surfaces
The 90-day labor warranty for all Kärcher Cuda parts washers is automatically extended to a one-year labor warranty when Kärcher-Cuda parts washer detergents are used exclusively.
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