Kärcher Cuda's cabinet-style washers use high-pressure jets and specialized detergents to deliver efficient cleaning

Kärcher Cuda automatic parts washers are large cabinet-style washers that use high-pressure jets of hot water and specialized detergents to deliver efficient cleaning. Using no solvents, these aqueous-based washers have large capacity cabinets that can clean a variety of materials: metals, stainless steel, aluminum, rubber and more.  

Karcher Cuda’s line of parts washers combines ergonomics and environmental friendliness with knee-high turntables, chest-high control panels and a curved, recessed entry that allows for easy loading and unloading of extra-large parts.

Kärcher Cuda automatic front-loading parts washers are easy to operate. Load items, set the control panel and walk away for 15 to 20 minutes. Parts are cleaned much more thoroughly than if they were clean them by hand.  

Other features of front-load parts washers include:

  • All models are equipped with an automatic low-water shutoff, which protects the heating element by automatically turning the unit off if the water level drops too low. 
  • The front-loading parts washers are available in 20 different sizes and electrical configurations
  • Load capacity ranges between 500 to 5,000 lbs.
  • The interior cabinet ranges from 30 to 60-inches in height, with a 25 to 48-inch diameter.
  • The roll-in, space-saving door allows easy access and makes it convenient to position the parts washer in the plant. 
  • Built-in oil skimmer removes and collects oil from the cleaning solution in sump.
  • Removable debris screen prevents small particles and loose parts from entering the cleaning solution, ensuring blockage-free spray-nozzle operation.
Unlike solvent dip tanks, employees are not exposed to hazardous cleaning solvents by using Kärcher Cuda parts washers.
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