Stanley Proto's locking pliers are designed for durability and ease of use

Stanley Proto has added a line of locking pliers to its family of industrial tools. The line includes 48 individual SKUs in a variety of designs. Like all locking pliers, each of the Proto models uses a jaw-locking mechanism to create a hands-free vise grip. Proto has also added features that make the pliers easier to use and more durable. These include:

Features that enhance ease of use:

  • The tip of the locking mechanism’s spring-loaded release lever projects past the end of the handle. This design allows the user to quickly and easily release the jaw, especially when the tool is firmly locked. It also reduces the chance that users will pinch their fingers.
  • Springs are made from high-quality piano wire for smooth and efficient jaw opening.
Features that increase durability:
  • Tools are coated with a black epoxy finish that’s more corrosion-resistant than nickel, as well as more spatter-resistant and easier to see on the workbench. Welders will like the fact that black jaws are less reflective.
  • Drop forged jaws help make these tools tough and durable.
  • Precisely machined teeth with a positive grip keep the jaws in place on the work.
  • Joints are secured by large diameter rivets, adding to the durability and robustness of the tools.
  • Rivet holes in the mobile jaw are drilled, rather than press punched, to ensure maximum bearing.
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