Universal Flow Monitors' P420 Series plastic flow rate transmitter has no moving parts

Universal Flow Monitors Inc. has introduced a plastic, vortex-shedding flow rate transmitters for cost-effectiveness in processing applications. The P420 Series has no moving parts that can stick, bind or coat when processing water, brine, corrosive fluids and low-viscosity fluids to 4.5 Cp or 50 SUS.

The P420 Series flow rate transmitters include models with wetted parts made entirely of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) for greater heat resistance. Universal Flow Monitors offers both PVC and CPVC units in six pipe diameters providing full-scale flow rates from 6 to 200 gallons per minute (2.27 to 750 liters per minute) with 10:1 turndown. The pipe sizes with their flow rates are 3/8 inch (6 GPM, 22.7 LPM), 1/2 inch ( 12 GPM, 45 LPM), 3/4 inch (25 GPM, 95 LPM), 1 inch (50 GPM, 190 LPM), 1-1/2 inches (100 GPM, 380 LPM) and 2 inches (200 GPM, 750 LPM).

The P420 models with CPVC body, sensor and bluff can transmit hot water or other fluid with maximum operating temperature of 180°F, compared to maximum 140°F with PVC units. CPVC transmitters can accommodate higher maximum operating pressures than PVC units at temperatures of 80°F to 180°F.

The P420 vortex-shedding flow rate transmitters have no O-ring seals. Connection is made by either solvent welding the PVC or CPVC pipe into the socket port provided or by NPT threaded connection.

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