EagleBurgmann's Cartex GSDN gas-lubricated seals increase operational reliability

EagleBurgmann’s double Cartex GSDN gas seal is well suited for centrifugal pump applications at chemical plants and refineries. Users can install bi-directional gas-lubricated Cartex GSDN seals to standardize their new pumps or to recondition existing pumps which have conventional stuffing box packings or liquid-lubricated mechanical seals.
The HR principle is the characteristic design feature of the Cartex series: the seat and shaft sleeve rotate along with the pump shaft, while the springs remain stationary. Internal pressurization, together with centrifugal forces, creates a self-cleaning effect at the sliding faces during ongoing operation. This prevents harmful contamination and increases operational reliability, especially in applications where the media contains solids. The Cartex GSDN also features high axial tolerance and the absence of dead space. Wide sliding faces ensure high gas film stability. U grooves are a standard feature and enable bi-directional operation of the seal. Silicon carbide face materials and a high-strength DLC coating ensure optimal performance in continuous operation. The seals are designed to withstand critical situations during start-up and shutdown or if a fault occurs in the buffer gas supply. Double-balanced Cartex GSDN seals remain closed and balanced even in these situations.

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