Toshiba Teli's CleverDragon CMOS-based machine vision camera for high-volume pick-and-place assembly

To gain production cost advantages, high-volume manufacturers rely on vision-guided robotic systems for the precise identification, handling, packaging and placing of components. As the pace of manufacturing increases, these "pick-and-place" robots require faster, higher resolution cameras to accurately perform their assembly duties.

Establishing an imaging platform for demanding pick-and-place applications, Toshiba Teli America Inc. offers its CleverDragon CSC12M25BMP19, a CMOS-based machine vision camera featuring a proprietary twelve-megapixel 1.9-inch CMOS monochrome progressive scan sensor. The camera offers HXGA 4096 (H) x 3072 (V) pixel resolution at 25-frames-per-second (fps) full-frame speed. The 12MP camera boasts high mechanical precision with ultra shock resistance for high shock and vibration environments with controls in place for high optical axis accuracy.

The CSC12M25BMP19 features an electronic global shutter to capture clear images of moving parts on fast assembly lines. In addition, the camera's Window of Interest (WOI) function can be programmed to display a maximum of 28 region of interest windows within a single image, which can then be selected via a PC as only those windows that are to be read out, increasing fps rate.

Other features include large square pixels (6.0µm x 6.0µm), an aspect ratio of 4:3, high sensitivity of 2000 lx (F5.6) and random trigger shutter.

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